“What’s EVF?”

1. Mission Statement

Our goal is to protect the world from further environmental destruction and to recommend resolutions.

On the other hand, Japan reached an aging society. By utilizing seniors to assist in resolving and proposing environmental improvements, it offers opportunities, which would strengthen their relationship with society. To put it concretely, we desire to play an active part in 『supporting sustainable development by “custom-made” environmental energy-system designed for the local area』, combining the direct use of renewable resources such as woods and other biomass with technology of energy conversion and utilization for coping with each environmental issue.

2. Objective

Concentrate exclusively on using the expansive and profound technologies that our seniors, scientists and engineers have proposed relating to environmental improvements. EVF’s aim is to offer support, and to solve various environmental management problems for the small and mid-sized enterprises in Japan. In addition, EVF would offer proposal services at low cost, assuring practicable ways to solve various environmental issues in under-developed countries, mainly in Asia. As a Non-profit Organization/Public Corporation, the following services would be rendered:

* Environmental management consulting to small and mid-size enterprises in Japan

* Environmental management consulting to local public bodies in Japan

* Discover and promote joint projects with overseas counterparts

* Propose and accommodate study groups/meetings, seminars and field trips

* Discover, plan and promote Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) items in conjunction with our overseas counterparts.

* Discover new and/or advanced technological developments to improve the environment

* Other activities proposed or relating to the environmental improvement as agreed upon by EVF and its members.

3. Contact us

EVF is a Non-profit organization, utilizing retired seniors, scientists and engineers to propose practical solutions for solving various environmental issues in a low cost approach targeting small to mid-size enterprises and local public bodies in Japan and also under-developed countries in Asia. Should you be interested in EVF activities, please contact us.



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